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Beef Leg Bone Extract (Leg Bone)

White paste of beef leg bone concentration deeply boiled more than 8 hours. CJ Beef Bone Extract (Leg Bone) contains no other part of skeleton except beef leg bone. This can be widely useful in various applications requiring creamy and beefy flavour and taste

Superior CJ beef leg bone extract

Use only Australian beef leg bone.
Strict managing of pre-processing step to obtain clean leg bone extract.
Multi step extraction system to extract strong liquid.
High quality, good taste.

Application guide

Application guide
Applications Broths/Bouillons Stew / Gravies Cream sauces
% Usage level 1.0~2.0% 0.5~1.5 % 0.5~1.5 %

Processing step

Raw Material → Grinding → Blood Removal & Extraction → tallow separation → Concentration → Addition of tallow → Emulsification → Addition of Salt → Packing


Product name Beef Leg Bone-10 Beef Leg Bone-15 Beef Leg Bone-23
Appearance & Flavour Mild Beef Odour, Creamy Paste
Main Ingredients Beef Leg Bone Concentrate 88%, Salt 12%
Analysis data Brix ≥52% ≥60% ≥60%
Crude fat ≤10% 15±2% or ≤15% 23±3%
Salt 12±2% 12±2% 12±2%
Coliform Negative Negative Negative
APC ≤10,000 ≤10,000 ≤10,000
Packaging 20Kg Plastic Pail / 20Kg Bag in Box / 210Kg Drum
Storage Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light
(Recommended storage below 20℃)
Shelf Life 12months when stored under the above conditions

※Customized specifications such as low fat and salt are available upon customer requests.

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